You Spoke, We Listened!

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In the past month, we were toying with the idea of shutting our doors for good in the aftermath of our AG’s re-interpretation of the states AWB. This change in the laws, along with an Executive Order from our commander in chief really is going to take a toll on our business.

However, after a month of talking to you, the customers of DHG, and seeing the amazing response of support and warmth from the community, we have decided to instead roll out some blanket changes in the way we do things, and try to provide an even better experience for our long standing (and new!) customers.

First off, we will be limiting some of the services we are offering. We wish we could profitably continue down the path we started on, but sadly with the new regulations some of our “bread and butter” so to speak, will no longer be an option. This means we will have to stop most repair services effective immediately. We still encourage you to inquire, as there is a chance we will take the job, but for the most part we will not be offering troubleshooting and repair in general.

Second, we will be limiting the hours we are open to the public. Anyone who has been in in the past month knows we have been tampering with our hours and we have found when the most effective and least profitable hours of our days fall. As a result, we will be instituting a new schedule that will leave time for the work to get done promptly, and our customers will still have plenty of time to get in and drop off or pick up work.  New hours will be posted here and on Facebook at the end of the week (8/28).

A combination of these 2 major changes will make it so we can continue to provide the best service the pioneer valley has to offer and some of the quickest turn around times in the country. We pride ourselves on the community that has grown around our vigorous work, and the following of loyal and amazing customers who have helped us grow to a major staple of the community!

Keep your eyes peeled for amazing sales and deals in the coming weeks, and help us to ensure we can continue to provide the Dark Horse level of work you have grown to know and love!


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