Springfield Armory Loaded M1A – $3000

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Great rifle, Very nice and high grade wood. Fitted with a California legal muzzle brake.


  • One 20 round Magazine
  • One 10 round magazine
  • GENIV Springfield Armory Scope Mount
  • Hi-lux Scope
  • Sling and custom leather cheek piece.
  • Match trigger
  • Match barrel




Custom leather cheek piece and leather sling, As well as an extra 10round magazine.20130423_190248 20130423_190351


Springfield armory scope mount, Gen IV very high quality. The best scope mount for a M1a.20130423_190341

Beautiful wood grain.20130423_190236Calafornia legal muzzle brake, High effective and that is a National Match barrel.

20130423_190328 20130423_190355

Fantastic quality Hilux Scope.20130423_190332 20130423_190257 20130423_190346 20130423_190240 20130423_190226 20130423_190231 20130423_190337 20130423_190704

Comes with original box, Has only had one very very careful owner.


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