SPAS-12 Shotgun, Pre-ban $1500.

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We’ve got for sale here a SPAS-12 shotgun. This is a pretty uncommon gun these days, and the specific one we have here is a MA pre-ban in excellent shape. It’s got a very low round count through it as it has had only one previous owner and has spent most of the last 20-30 years in storage.


The most interesting thing about this gun, aside from its unique appearance, is its ability to switch between semi-automatic and pump-action firing modes by pressing a button under the foregrip, and sliding the foregrip slightly forwards or backwards until it clicks into position. It’s a 12-gauge and has a capacity of 8+1. This is a collector’s shotgun, especially for someone with an affinity for 80’s action movies. We’d like to get $1,700 for this gun, but we’ll consider all offers, so you can just contact us with your best price. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.