We now have our SOT (special occupational tax); Why you should care!

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It would seem that we at Dark Horse Gunsmithing have an abundance of licenses and “ok you can do that” papers, We just got another one.. But why should you care? Our SOT will affect different customers differently.

What is a SOT? It is a special occupation taxpayer that in effect means we can build NFA (national firearms act) and what are NFA firearms? To put it gently; Machine guns, silencers and short barrel rifles/shotguns and also AOW’s.

We are excited and this means you will be seeing some more cool projects from us, Ones guaranteed to upset your more liberal friends. But what does all this mean to you?

Private civilian in Mass: We can make you “Any Other Weapons” short barreled shotguns/rifles (in certain very particular situations) and work on your machine guns etc..

Private civilian in a free state: We can do everything we can do for you in Mass but also build suppressors (silencers) for you as well.

Government agent/police: We do all the above for you but we can also convert your guns to full automatic.

Keep an eye on this, We do hope in the future to offer a demonstration service where we will go out with you to ranges so you can try and experience different machine guns and other cool guy stuff.

In the next few months we will hopefully document some of the builds that we do and that pass through the shop,  and did I mention that we love to rock ‘n roll?



  1. Tom Porter

    Very cool, particularly about the possibility of a demo at ranges.

    I fondly recall shooting a Sten and a MP-40 down in NC mazny years ago. (Equal opportunity WWII shooter) Not sure I could afford to feed them now!

    Have fun at the show in Springfield!

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