We are a full service gunsmithing shop. This listing is just a small selection of the services we offer so that you may have an idea of what is possible, and should only be considered an example of some of the services we can provide.. Whatever work you want done or idea you wish to discuss please come to the shop and we would be more than happy to provide a quote and discuss your options. We can make your dream firearm a reality.

Rush Fee: +50% on job (skip back log)

Transfer Fee: $50; higher costs may apply for multiple firearm transfer.

Ammo Transfer Fee: $20

For all work we agree on a budget, If we approach that number we contact you through our tracking system and verify. You determine how much work is done and how much money you spend.

Restorations & Reconditioning:

Bluing (Immersion or Hot Rust.)


Stock Refinishing


Extend forcing cone
Raise dent in barrel
Polish chamber / barrel
Open choke
Install screw-in choke tubes
Clean, chase threads for screw-in chokes
Install adjustable chokes
Cut and Crown with bead

Check headspace
Check firing pin protrusion
Make chamber cast
Remove fired case from chamber
Remove live round from chamber
Remove stuck bullet from barrel
Remove fouling from barrel
Lap barrel
Install liner in .22 barrel
Cut and crown barrel
Weld on new bolt handle
Forge bolt handle
Install tactical bolt handle
Install muzzle brake
Polish bolt action interior 400 finish
Safeties (installation)
Trigger (installation):

Timney, Dayton-Traister, etc…
Double-set and single set
Shilen and other match type

Trigger tune: (700, 70, A-bolt, Sako)
True Receiver
Lap locking lugs
Bed rifle in stock

Chamfer revolver barrel
Revolver action tune
Re-barrel revolver
Remove / Modify Hammer Spur
Semi-auto action tune
Tighten 1911 slide
Fit barrel to 1911
Fit barrel bushing on 1911
Bevel magazine well on autos
Checker front frame on steel autos
Stipple front frame on autos
Open / modify ejection port on autos
Throat, polish barrel and feed ramp on autos
Custom parts install and fitting on 1911
Trigger job