Grind to fit recoil pads

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Summer is here finally! That means lots of warm days shooting, However, it also means we are leaving our jackets and sweaters in our closets – and allot of those guns sure do kick like a mule!

We at Dark Horse Gunsmithing suggest a good recoil pad on every firearm, a quality pad will not only reduce recoil but make you a better shooter; less recoil means less flinching and more enjoyment.

To have a pad fitted it costs only $50 and around ~35 for the pad, A properly fitted pad improves the aesthetic  of the firearm also.
We can and do fit pads on all sorts of long guns, That Mosin would be a lot easier on the shoulder as would that new Beretta with a good quality aftermarket pad on it.

We can also get in bright pink pads for our customers who want to customize their rifle just a little bit more.


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