Q: Does my firearm need to be shipped through an FFL holder?

A:  No. For service, restoration or repair work, you are not required to ship your firearm through an FFL holder.


Q: How do I buy a gun through a catalog or out-of-state vendor?

A:  First, you purchase the firearm. Second, you contact us about having your transfer done and give us your name, e-mail address, a phone number we can reach you at, and your home address. You’ll then request the seller to send us a copy of their FFL and we’ll send them a copy of ours. When the gun arrives we’ll contact you and you can pick it up during normal business hours. We charge $50 per transfer.


Q: Besides the regular gun cleaning I do, should I have my gun cleaned by a Gunsmith?

A: Yes, a yearly thorough cleaning by a trained gunsmith is the best method of maintaining the condition and value of your firearm. The number one cause of malfunctions is the buildup of debris. We will tend to all the small details and make sure all dirt, grime, carbon fouling and rust are cleared out. Every firearm should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected annually.


Q: How short can I make my rifle or shotgun barrel?

A: Shotguns may be shortened to 18″, Rifles to 16″. Overall length on either gun cannot be less than 26″.