Appointment Only!

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Hello Folks, We at Dark Horse Gunsmithing are moving to an Appointment only system. This means that we will not be keeping regular business hours and you will need to notify us before showing up. This will allow us to … Continued

Ruger Black Hawk after being blued

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Another beautiful bluing job ready for test fire here at Dark Horse Gunsmithing! Standby for more pictures of this girl!! Very photogenic! Only 12 more days left on our refinishing sale. We take a lot of pride in our bluing … Continued

Glock Cerakote

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In for a little check up, but damn doesn’t od green and burned bronze look good?! Sale running for 13 more days on refinishing! We do all in house Cerakote in Western Massachusetts. I think we offer some of the … Continued

Before and After Falling Block Refinish.

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Refinished, Re-Stocked and made beautiful! A family heirloom… A Falling Block .22 from Chicopee Falls. Not ten miles from where it was originally made it was restocked and restored. Ready to be passed on to the next generation. We take a lot … Continued

Custom 1911 Build

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Custom shop built 1911, Caspian slide and frame all expertly fitted by our Craftsmen here at Dark Horse Gunsmithing. We can also source frames and slides from local manufacturers and then you can have a custom 1911 built by Massachusetts Gunsmiths … Continued

Hot rust bluing.

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There are two main reasons to blue a gun using hot rust bluing over commercial immersion bluing, That is because the ribs are soft soldered on the firearm (seen in older firearms and some newer very high value guns.) and … Continued